Music Video: America the Beautiful

Denver Brass is thrilled to release our newest music video, America the Beautiful.

Music by Samuel Ward, Lyrics by Katherine Lee Bates, Arranged by Kaitlin McCarthy, Video by

Trumpets - David Artley, Tim Allums, Cami Kidwell-Dodge, Ryan Spencer, Alan Hood (soloist)
Horn - Susan McCullough, Beck Wilkins
Trombone - Joseph Martin, Jeff Craig
Bass Trombone - Andy Wolfe
Tuba - Kathy Aylsworth Brantigan, Emanuel Jester
Percussion - Jason Rodon
Conductor - Warren Deck

Additional Recording Artists
Conductor - Kenneth Singleton
Trumpet - Joe Docksey, Kerry Webb Walsh
Horn - Jenny Harvey
Tuba - Charles Brantigan

Production Staff
Executive Director - Becky Wilkins
Artistic Director - Kathy Aylsworth Brantigan
Becki Kaye Taylor - Associate Director
Lucas Alexander - Marketing Director

Special thanks to
Bonfils Stanton Foundation
Colorado Freedom Memorial
Arapahoe County Cultural Council
Scientific & Cultural Facilities District

You make America beautiful! Thank you for your support!

Nathan Bess and Family, Ed Bohn, Chuck Brantigan, David Bruce, Nancy Charles-Parker, Michael Collins, Bonnie Collins, Joann Collins, Jeffrey Craig, Bob Crane, Michael Dignan, Audrey Dignan, Joe Docksey, Kirk & Marilee Dorn, Serena Douglas, Shiron Drake, Christa Geyer, Phyllis Head, Tess Henry, Claudia Jones, Wesley Jones, Cindy Sue Lewis, Kevin McCullough, Denise Mitchell-Dignan, Jan Moore, Jack Nelson, Cynthia Ord, Tom Ord, Janet Padgett, Mary Peterson, Bernhard Peterson, Kimberly Reiser, Cecilia Reiser, Peter Reiser, Duane Riley, Beth Ann Riley, MaKenna Rye, Elliott Rye, Vicki Taylor, Steven Taylor, Anna Taylor, Donald Taylor, Dawn Tollakson, Rich Trow, Susie Weart, Walter Weart, David Weiss, Helga Weiss, Cindi White, Scott Wilkins, Jenni Zeschin, Kate Zeschin, Nathan Zeschin, Hans Zeschin, Anson Zeschin, Anya Zeschin, Thea Zeschin, Otto Zeschin, Weston Zeschin, Puppy Maggie