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Innovative Music Video Project

Altitude 5280, by Charles Denler

Altitude 5280 was composed by Charles Denler for the Denver Brass in 2018. Titled by Denver's signature altitude, exactly one mile above sea level, this new work is designed to be rhythmically driving, uplifting, and reflective of the cultural fusions of our city. Emmy award-winning composer, Charles Denler, used the number 5-2-8-0 as the framework for intervals of the melody. The main melody, first stated by the trumpets, goes up a fifth(5), down a second(2), up an octave(8), then repeats the same note(0). These intervals, found in every piece of music, are arranged and performed in such a distinct way as to say, "The Denver Brass."

Altitude 5280 is the 3rd installment in our Signature Sound Music Video Series.

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