Warren Deck

Warren Deck


What is a day, week, year, career like being a professional musician?

It always varies. The challenges are ever changing both because of the tasks at hand and the fact that there is always a desire for growth in one’s skill level.

How do you cope with stress, pressure of performance and striving for perfection?

You do your best today with the intention that you will do better tomorrow.

Do you have a favorite Denver Brass show?

The next Denver Brass show is my favorite. Until that one is done. Then the next Denver Brass show is my favorite.

Can you identify any favorite Denver Brass moments?

I always enjoy when Al and a Louis Armstrong surrogate do Wonderful World.

What is most unique about Denver Brass?

Everything is unique about the Denver Brass. The ensemble make up, the format and the wide range of music they are able to play.

When did you know you would spend your life as a musician?

When I won my first job in the Houston Symphony.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?


How long have you lived in Colorado?

Since 2002.