Buzz About Brass

"Thanks so much! LOVED LOVED LOVED To Jack With Love"
- Kay L.

"Wow! The Denver Brass AND staff did not disappoint! Every bit of feedback that I got from our retirees regarding Sunday's concert was extremely positive--we LOVED it!  I can assure you that when next season's Denver Brass schedule comes out, I'll be checking it over and picking the next concert for our retiree's group! I also want to thank you for taking such good care of us. I was amazed at how effectively you had communicated with your staff so they were well aware of the problem of the lost tickets and took care of seating the guests who had lost them. Thank you! What a class organization! My husband and I had no plans to attend another Denver Brass concert this season, but after hearing "To Jack With Love," we've decided to come to "Celtic Fantasy." We're going to bring a friend with us so that we can introduce her to The Denver Brass and the beautiful Newman Center for the Performing Arts. Again, thank you so much!  We love The Denver Brass and we SO appreciate the valuable assistance you have offered us!" 
- Bernadette S.

"My husband and I took his mom and sister to your concert last night. Even though I am a musician by heart, I really wasn't sold on going to see The Denver Brass and wanted something more spiritual. Boy, was I surprised. I LOVED the way Jesus and Santa were compared and how it is all about the heart and what Jesus did for us. And the music!!! It was more than I could ever imagine. The way the voices and the brass blended and harmonized was perfect. The dynamics were amazing. After going to the concert, I was sold on both groups and will tell everyone I know about them. Thank you so much for bringing Christ into Christmas where He belongs. This was a wonderful gift to our family."  
- Jacque P.

"Each concert has always been a superb, uplifting, enjoyable entertainment experience!!! Thank you! Thank you! Bless each of you for continuing to share your marvelous "God-given' talents for so many years.  How very fortunate for Colorado residents to have a Brass organization of this high caliber!" 
- Ruth

"We LOVED the Brass players and the 4 singers. It was an outstanding program! Thank you so very much!" 
- Cathy W. 

"You guys did it again! How do you outdo yourselves every March? This year the format was seamless in addition to fabulous. The program including a cast of thousands was well balanced and excellent, as usual. What a gift you are!"
- Claudette C.

“The Denver Brass produces music and live performances of superior quality. They are a cultural gem for the greater Denver area with a growing regional, national, and international reputation. They have excellent management skills in addition to the high quality of their artistry.”
- The Denver Foundation

“One of the most upbeat, enthusiastic and polished groups in town.”
- Westword

"WOW! A Sonic Blockbuster! (Bagpipes & Brass) Who would have thought that such a diverse grouping of musical instruments could ever combine to make such beautiful, stirring and mind boggling music.”
- Review, Robert E. St. Louis, MO

"The Denver Brass is a consummate ensemble of highly skilled professionals who have expertise in multiple styles. They produce a product that exceeds the expectations of all customers. Their attention to musical and performance (show) detail is a distinguishing character. Through their well programmed performances they engage the audience on multiple levels. They are professionals that make it happen."
- Col. Lowell Graham retired US Air Force Band of Washington DC

“A great big thank you for the ticket, but most of all for your thrilling music! As the years have gone by, your organization has grown in musicality as a Denver treasure! Keep it up!”
- Phyllis T

“We had the most wonderful time at the Denver Brass’ New Year’s Eve concert. Our eight-year-old enjoyed it immensely! There were big band music, kazoos, balloons and dancing that my son and I had fun doing. It was such a treat to go to a Denver Brass concert that was such a celebration.”
- Lu and John H

“Thank you so much for the tickets you donated for Bourbon Street Brass. We took two young girls (10 and 12) that are being mentored by us through Save Our Youth. Neither had ever been exposed to a live music performance of any kind. They didn’t know what to expect and ended up loving every moment of it. We had good seats(!) When the musicians walked in from the back right by us they couldn’t believe it. Thank you for giving them a chance to experience such an awe inspiring evening ( and getting 2 mentors hooked on the Denver Brass!)”
- Jill M

“...thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to enjoy an inspiring, lovely afternoon…We appreciate your organization and thank you so much for all you do…your generosity has enriched our lives!!”
- Leah R

“This performance was truly wonderful and nothing short of outstanding.”
- Bobb C

“You have some of the most interesting programming I’ve seen in any organization, and of course incredible talent, and every performance is pure pleasure. I can’t get there as often as I’d like to now, but I’ll get there as often as I can.”
- Margo K

“My family and I had an INCREDIBLE time at the show on Friday! Thank you very much for the chance to experience such a great performance. Our 5 year old even was entertained enough to sit through the entire program.”
- Shawn B

“You folks have created a jewel in the musical life of the city and the nation. CONGRATS!”
- Gerry G

"My dad, Roscoe, loved every one of your concerts. If I lived closer, I'd go to your concerts in his honor - instead, I get to hear you like this now and then on line. Keep up all the gorgeous brass blending!" 
- Carol, YouTube comment

“Some of my most exhilarating experiences have been the performances by The Denver Brass. It is truly an honor and a privilege to host an organization that strives to such a high level of professionalism and artistic excellence.”
- Rodney Smith, former Director of Programming and Event Services, City of Denver