Sonic Tonic for Brass & DJ

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Sonic Tonic for Brass & DJ by Darren Kramer is an exploration of sound and rhythm intended to inspire the mind and satisfy the soul. A modern blend of live performance and cutting-edge technology, it will incorporate real-time audio effects, live looping, and electronic beats with the Denver Brass. Sonic Tonic was written, arranged and produced by Darren Kramer (aka DJ DKO), as commissioned by Denver Brass. As an Electric Trombone DJ, Kramer pushes the boundaries of brass music with this forward-thinking piece.

Next Generation Project

Our “Next Generation” project will move Denver Brass into a new frontier of musical and artistic creation, one inhabited primarily by the pop/rock industry. As you’ll hear in this piece, this starts by incorporating electronic enhancements and digital effects into new and existing pieces. We are also embarking on an artistic visual journey, creating music videos that will reach new audiences and generations of brass fans. Follow along as we continue to debut new and exciting sound creations.

"Sonic Tonic for Brass & DJ" was made possible by:

Bonfils-Stanton Foundation
Denver Performing Arts Complex
Colorado Public Radio - CPR Classical