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Masterworks for brass quintet to captivate the imagination. 

Recorded in 1994 at Bethany Lutheran Church 

The Aries Brass Quintet: 

F Joseph Docksey, trumpets 
Eric Hansen, trumpets 
Sally Ann Wilson, horn 
Joseph Martin, trombone 
Kathy Aylsworth Brantigan, tuba

Track listing:

# Track Composer Arranger Listen
1. Arise

David Maslanka
2. Sussex Mummer's Carol

Percy Grainger Allen
3. Fairy Tale Characters: The Witch- Baba Yaga

Oleg Oblov
4. Fairy Tale Characters: The Little Magician

Oleg Oblov
5. Fairy Tale Characters: The Sultan

Oleg Oblov
6. Elegy and Dance

Dave Hanson
7. Four Peace Vignettes: Rainbow Chase

John Levno
8. Four Peace Vignettes: Solace

John Levno
9. Four Peace Vignettes: Above the Mist

John Levno
10. Four Peace Vignettes: Letting Go the Grudge

John Levno
11. Prayer for Bruno

Art Lande
12. Amazing Grace

Traditional Les Stallings
13. Fantasy on America the Beautiful

Samual Ward Dave Hanson

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