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brass, bagpipes, & more!  Bring the show home with this dvd.

Recorded live at Gates Concert Hall at the Newman Center for Performing Arts, March 2006

The Denver Brass 
Celtic Colorado Pipes & Drums 
Todd Teske-tenor 
Iain & Joanna Hyde, Kellam Throgmorton - fiddles & guitar 
Rocky Mountain Highland Dancers 
Wick School of Irish Dance 

The Birth of Bagpipes and Brass
The Denver Brass is born of and shaped by the community it serves.  Performance and programming decisions are driven by a philosophy of enriching lives and communities through music which stirs the soul and celebrates our culture and humanity.  Using a broad array of tones and styles, and collaborating with unusual guest artists, The Denver Brass explores new frontiers in search of exhilarating and memorable sounds.  One spring, The Denver Brass staff sat with a calendar looking for a new adventure.  Their eyes landed on St Patrick’s Day.  “Aha,” thought Kathy, “a holiday we haven’t explored.  It will have to be brass and... bagpipes?”  She took her concert idea to the Artistic Committee.  After a very long discussion, the committee finally agreed, saying “It surely could not injure us... and it will certainly be loud.”

#   Track
 1. Fanfare for the Brave 
 2. She Moved Through the Fair
 3. Epic Tune 
 4. Broadsword 
 5. Longueval 
 6. Soft Reel 
 7. Come by the Hills 
 8. The Silver Speer
 9. The Irish Washerwoman
 10. Ashokan Farewell 
 11.  Trumpet Voluntary 
 12. The Grey King 
 13. Just for Feet 
 14. Cranking Out 
 15. Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms
 16. Scotland the Brave
 17. Scarborough Fair
 18. The Canon
 19. Londonderry Air
 20. Amazing Grace
 21. Meglomania Finale

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