The Hunt for the Beast Beyond the Wall

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Composed by Denver Brass' own Andrew Wolfe, The Hunt for the Beast Beyond the Wall will take you on a mystical journey to times of old. In the music, listen for the tension between the hunter and the hunted. A brooding second movement of a larger piece, The Quest for the Golden Blade of Truth and The Hunt for the Beast Beyond the Wall, you can almost hear the beast snarling, relentless, frantic and terrifying, while a captivating melody soars over the jagged accompaniment. The end of the movement portrays a battle between hero and beast, heard in an oscillating time signature. And you'll have to watch the video to see how it all ends!

Next Generation Project

Our “Next Generation” project is moving Denver Brass into a new frontier of musical and artistic creation. As you’ll hear in this piece, this starts by incorporating electronic enhancements and digital effects into new and existing pieces. We are also embarking on an artistic visual journey, creating music videos that help tell the stories behind our music. Follow along as we continue to debut new and exciting sound creations.

"The Hunt for the Beast Beyond the Wall" was made possible by:

Bonfils-Stanton Foundation
Cherokee Ranch & Castle Foundation
Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue
Colorado Public Radio - CPR Classical